Fall is, hands down, my favorite season. I love so many things about it: the foliage is fire-hued, the air is crisp but warm, you have an excuse to eat (and drink) anything pumpkin spice! If you’ve ever experienced this in the Midwest you know what I’m talking about!

How perfect is this crimson rose dress? The color is everything. It’s so versatile, too. I would wear this with heels, booties or sneakers. If you want to make it more feminine, throw on a nude heel. If you want to wear it more edgy, throw on some fishnet tights and a military boot. If you want casual, wear a white sneaker. I chose to wear it with black booties and a denim jacket (not pictured).

Wearing: Free People dress

Every year my mom and I do a girl's trip to NYC! It's one of my favorite vacations. Usually, my sister comes too but she's 8 months preggers right now. It's so fun to spend time with my mom and run around the city together. I love her so much and am so grateful for our friendship. So, basically, what we do is just shop and eat all day. Sometimes, we'll go see a play or sit in Central Park and drink coffee and talk. But, all we wanted to do was walk and shop though so that's what we did! We totaled it up and I think we walked, like, 20-something miles in 3 days. Cue the foot massage! I made my mom eat at a vegan restaurant ONCE and then the rest of the trip she kept saying, "I don't want to eat bird seed". We hardly ate bird seed, but k. She cracks me up! We always went to bed early because we were exhausted from walking all day! Then, we got up early to do it all over again.

Here's an example of our itinerary:

8 AM - breakfast 
9 AM -12 PM - out walking around shopping... we did 5th Ave one day and then SoHo
12-1 PM - lunch/snack
1-6 PM - more shopping and walking
6-7 PM - dinner
7-8 PM - getting ready for bed

We stayed at the One Hotel. I wanted to stay there because the One Hotel in South Beach is incredible. The NY one is much smaller but same concept. I love how green they are and everyone is so friendly. I also love the Edition hotel, but the One Hotel in Central Park is a great location! 

What I'm wearing from L to R: 

Realisation Par dress | Nike tennis shoes | Chanel cross body | Crap Eyewear sunnies 

Flynn Skye dress | Adidas Gazelles | Bagatiba gold hoops