I love Nashville so much! I used to live there and it was so fun. It's such a cool, unique city. Seriously, I walk around and I'm like, "why is everyone so cool?!" I love the people, fashion, food...the list goes on. My best friend of 25 years lives there and so it's always nice to go see her and run around the city. If you haven't gone to Nashville yet...YOU MUST GO NOW. Here's a list of my favorites. Disclaimer: I try to stay away from Broadway. I know, I know...I just can't with all that. My favorite spots are: The Gulch, East Nashville and 12 South.


FOOD/ DRINK: (this includes drinks, brunch, lunch, dinner..locations are all over but mostly Gulch, 12 S and E. Nash)

  • Little Octopus
  • Public House
  • LA Jackson - A MUST views of the city.
  • Pinewood Social - a bowling alley...but for, like, super cool, trendy people.
  • Lockeland Table
  • Mas Taco
  • Barista Parlo
  • Avo
  • Burger Up
  • Post East
  • Crema
  • Urban Juicer for quick juice
  • Franklin Juice Company
  • Frothy Monkey
  • Butcher and Bee
  • Virago

STAY(I always stay at my friend's house so I've actually never stayed at a hotel in Nashville TBH...but I went to the new Thompson Hotel for dinner and drinks and I AM OBSESSED...would stay here in a heart beat)

  • Thompson Hotel - a super 70's vibe, amazing decor, super trendy and cute spot in the Gulch.
  • I would also check out Air BnB's. I'm sure you could find some cool ones! 


  • Pre to Post Modern - vintage
  • Savant Vintage - cool vintage spot in 12 S
  • The strip in 12 South - fun to walk around / explore
  • Local Honey - vintage
  • Green Hills Mall - great Nordstrom!

I also like to get outdoors when I'm in Nashville and go hike either Percy Warner or Radnor Lake. If you guys have any questions at all about visiting, just ask!

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